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Connect with your email subscribers, authentically & effectively.

You don’t want to send emails for the sake of sending emails. You have business goals to reach and you want to move people to action — to lead them to your valuable resources and how you can help them.

Your welcome and nurture sequences are a surefire way to build relationships with subscribers — for the long haul — from your very first interaction.




Your first introduction to new subscribers matters — for now, but especially for building long-term relationships.

When you relate with new subscribers through providing valuable, well-organized and intentional content — as well as a personable, genuine connection — you’re developing raving fans. The kind who can’t wait to hear from you again and again.

This has a benefit for long-term business growth, simply by communicating well from the start.

Do you like stats? I like stats. The research speaks for itself. (Source)

Relevant emails drive 18X more revenue than one-time broadcast emails (Juniper Research)

Nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases than non-nurtured leads (Epsilon)

Automated emails get 152% higher click rates than broadcast emails (ANNUITAS)

Create a great first impression.
One that lasts far beyond your first few emails.



Hi, I’m Allea.

I’m an email marketing strategist and copywriter who helps online business owners connect authentically with their audience through engaging {read: effective} welcome and nurture sequences.

I started in marketing, became a blogger, and now I’m helping business owners connect with their audience authentically through well-crafted and intentional email sequences that both achieve business goals and meet the needs of your readers.



I help online business owners {like you} create a great first impression with new email subscribers through clear & intentional welcome & nurture sequences.



I serve passionate business owners with resources and value to share.


You believe in your message, your cause or solution.

You desire to connect with people authentically, knowing there’s another person (on the other side of your screen) who can benefit from the work you do.

You are looking for a digital marketing partner, someone to come alongside you to understand — and better connect with — your audience.

You’re passionate about serving your audiences well.

You’re a creator — of experiences, of products — but you don't know how to best share your solutions with your email subscribers.


Do you need to revive your email list and need a hand getting it done?

Duett - Allea Grummert

Allea’s work will not only amplify what you’re already doing, it will take it to levels you couldn’t have imagined on your own! It’s why I brought her in on a project with me and would do so again in a heartbeat. Allea is a talented copywriter, gifted strategist, and stellar human who creates massive results with her brain that just never shuts off. I’m picky about who I work with but would gladly put Allea on any project again in the future, and you should too.


Duett - 5 Ways To Get Better Results with New Email Subscribers

Build relationships with new subscribers — through providing long-term value — from the start.

In this free resource, “5 Ways To Get Better Results with New Email Subscribers,” you’ll learn how to:

  • Maximize your welcome sequence.

  • Build a Know, Like & Trust factor with all new subscribers.

  • Measurably engage with subscribers from the start.

  • Write emails that align with your business goals.

  • Organize your email platform for purposeful scaling in the future.