I help online business owners {like you} connect your services & resources with potential customers or clients through clear & intentional email marketing.



Hi, I'm Allea.

I’m an email marketing strategist and copywriter who helps online business owners connect authentically with their audience through engaging {read: effective} welcome and nurture sequences.

I take email marketing strategy off your plate: allowing you to use your precious brain space & magic superpowers more effectively.

I've got a whole process for learning more about your audience, creating an email marketing strategy that makes sense for your business and writing copy that moves people to action.

They don’t know what resources you have or why buying your product or service will help them. We need to lead them to the water, like the helpful and generous person you are.

Let's Duett together.




First, I was a blogger.

My personal finance blog was my “digital playground,” where I took my degree in Advertising and my instinct to keep learning and I dug into how online companies work. I would stay up late writing blog posts, spend my Saturdays pinning on Tailwind, update my BoardBooster {RIP}, research SEO, watch webinars on writing sales pages, go to FinCon to mix and mingle with fellow money nerds…

I did it all. And I did it for fun.

Somewhere in there, I became convinced of the power of email marketing.

When Tweets last fewer than 20 minutes, Instagram stories disappear in 24 hours and Facebook changes their algorithm on a whim, it’s a cat and mouse kind of game out there. And bless those who play that game and do it well {I will hire you myself}.

But email. Email has a different story.

Email has opportunities to last. Through automated sequences, not subject to algorithms changing, and the platform being essentially the same since I signed up for my first email address when I was 13 — it’s sustainable for the long-run. No one can disrupt your ability to reach your people.

Email can be personalized for each subscriber and their interest or engagement. {As “personal” as Instagram may be, it’s still a one-to-many blast of content.} You can define the journey for your readers with intention.

Email allows space to build relationships. You can speak with your people — both to share about yourself but also to listen to what they need. Know and be known.

So when I decided to help business owners create intentional engagement with their audiences, email was the way I could serve them best.

I offer a full range of services for developing welcome & nurture sequences for business owners. Curious what that includes?


Allea is a rare bird with talents and skills that are very unique to her. I think what is most valuable in Allea is her curiosity and constant drive to learn and grow, which gives her a very broad base of expertise, grounded in midwestern practicality.

What more can I say? She will become an invaluable partner or member of your team!



A “duet” involves two parties, both playing to their own strengths.

A “do it” mentality is vital for getting it done.


I partner with clients to take action on crafting a meaningful and effective email marketing strategy.

Based in research, data mining, proven practices and strategic thinking, the value derived from the process itself and the insights gained from these steps {hello customer research} direct our ways.

We will build an email experience that makes sense, gives your audience what they want {and need} while sounding like you and meeting your business objectives.



Duett - 5 Ways To Get Better Results with New Email Subscribers

Build relationships with new subscribers through providing long-term value, so they’re just as interested in your product launch in 6 months as they are about taking advantage of your tripwire offer tomorrow.

In this free resource, “5 Ways To Get Better Results with New Email Subscribers,” you’ll learn how to:

  • Maximize your welcome sequence.

  • Build a Know, Like & Trust factor with all new subscribers.

  • Measurably engage with subscribers from the start.

  • Write emails that align with your business goals.

  • Organize your email platform for purposeful scaling in the future.