You want to build value into your email list
— lifetime customer or client value —
because relationships matter in business.

But you’re busy. Like, way busy.

And that’s not a bad thing — you’re out there swinging big deals toward the fences, running events, getting new clients and being an all around boss as a business owner.

What you used to DIY you don’t have time to optimize. What you used to love learning about, you’re over it.

But you know email marketing is important. You know it, because that’s why you’ve been building your list and attracting your audience.

You have a plethora of resources to share with your audience, but it’s not happening.

You don’t know what your audience wants, what order to share it in, what matters and what doesn’t for new subscribers.

You need to lead people to your services in a way that’s authentic, clear and engaging.

You’re passionate about serving your audiences well.
You need a hand to get there.



Hi, I’m Allea.

I’m an email marketing strategist and copywriter who helps online business owners connect authentically with their audience through engaging {read: effective} welcome and nurture sequences.

I take email marketing strategy off your plate: allowing you to use your precious brain space & magic superpowers more effectively.

Not only that, but I use my background in blogging and marketing to clarify your message, create a flow around the sequence content you send to subscribers and align your business goals with what we’re asking readers to do.

It’s a win-win-win.

Let's Duett together.


Together, We Will

Identify your business goals and how email marketing helps you move toward your vision

Craft an email marketing strategy that leads readers to specific actions

Serve your audience well through segmentation and personalization {no one likes being “just a number”}

Build trust, empathy and engagement with your readers

Measure what’s working and what can be improved {data nerd over here 🙋}

Implement what you’ve been hoping for, redeeming that precious brain space, so you can use it for other things

Ultimately reducing the fatigue of wondering whether you’re serving your new subscribers well

Allea’s work will not only amplify what you’re already doing, it will take it to levels you couldn’t have imagined on your own! It’s why I brought her in on a project with me and would do so again in a heartbeat. Allea is a talented copywriter, gifted strategist, and stellar human who creates massive results with her brain that just never shuts off. I’m picky about who I work with but would gladly put Allea on any project again in the future, and you should too.



You have strategies for getting traffic to your site → but when they get on your list, they don’t know how to engage with you.

You’re collecting email addresses → but you’re not sure what to do with them.

You have valuable content to share → but you’re not sure how to share them well.

You want your subscribers to do something → but you may be overwhelming readers with options, so they do nothing.

Your brand has changed → and your email messaging needs to reflect this.

Your email platform is a hot mess → so it’s no wonder you haven’t touched your email sequences in a while.

There is a better way.

We can create a better email marketing strategy — to help you meet your business goals and connect with your readers in a way that makes sense to them.




A “duet” involves two parties, both playing to their own strengths.

A “do it” mentality is vital for getting it done.


I partner with clients to take action on crafting a meaningful and effective email marketing strategy.

Based in research, data mining, proven practices and strategic thinking, the value derived from the process itself and the insights gained from these steps {hello customer research} direct our ways.

We will build an email experience that makes sense, gives your audience what they want {and need} while sounding like you and meeting your business objectives.


Take an audit.

Review your current circumstances. Get clear on your goals. Assess what’s possible with what you have, with tangible changes to implement immediately.


Know your people.

Your audience is made up of individuals.

Let's stop guessing what they’re thinking — because then every email will be super awkward {Um, do you even know me?}. We start by listening.


Chart the course.

Lead people to your best offer.

You've got a short window of time to introduce yourself, show the value you bring to their lives, and share how you can help them and what their next steps should be.


Write copy that connects and moves readers to act.

Use words that matter, connecting to the heart and motivation of your subscribers.

Through copy coaching, I provide suggestions and talking points, you write what you know, then I tighten up the copy and implement email marketing best practices.



Finally, we set up your ESP for the automation. It's a task you’ve been holding onto for far too long.


Measure & improve.

You can't improve what you don't know. Through ongoing ESP review & recommendations, we keep a pulse on email marketing operation, reader engagement and new data insights.




Email Marketing Audit

Assessing your current situation, based on your goals


The starting gate, if you will.

I rarely start a project without an audit first.

The audit is where I dig in, discover what you're already doing, taking a look around {maybe knocking around some cobwebs} and getting a good feel for the place {your ESP, that is}.

This step gives us a valuable baseline for where your email marketing stands and what our next steps are.

If you're "so fresh, so new" to email marketing and have nothing in place to audit, we should talk about skipping this step and hopping straight into the Duett Debut {see below}.


What You Get

  • A tailored audit with your defined business goals, brand tone and reader action steps in mind

  • A 40+ page PDF email-by-email collection of edits, perceptions and notes

  • Video walk-throughs of these suggestions

  • A 30-minute Audit Review Session to discuss questions

  • Educated recommendations for next steps -- whether you make the edits yourself or you hire me to work some magic


Audit of two sequences, up to 10 emails each


2 weeks




The Duett Debut

Intentionally crafting your first impression


You want to connect with your readers.

Even better, your readers want to connect with you. They found your content through a podcast, a Pin, a tweet or through organic search — regardless of how they found you, you've earned their email address.

But somewhere in building your business, your DIY welcome or onboarding sequences aren't performing at their best — at least not what you imagine is possible {and you're probably right}.

What is it you want your readers to do?

  • Follow you on Instagram

  • Subscribe on YouTube

  • Revisit your app on a regular basis, staying top of mind

  • Engage with affiliates in a meaningful way

This is where I come in. We can improve the engagement of your list by knowing your readers better, tailoring content to their needs, using their voice and their own words — and all while also moving forward your larger marketing and business goals.

You worked HARD to get your subscribers.

A solid welcome and nurture sequence — organized in a way that speaks to each reader based on where they're coming from, what they need and how you can help them — will build a fundamental relationship with new readers, one that will pay dividends for future business goals.

But we start here — the beginning, your killer introduction. So you're longer a stranger to newcomers.

The Duett Debut is perfect for you if:

  • Want to optimize email sequences to drive traffic, engagement and ask readers to take action.

  • Want to build long-term ROI for the value of each of your subscribers.

  • Want to share a seamless flow of content and resources with new subscribers, but you don't know how to organize it.

  • Want to automate the welcoming of new subscribers {well} so you don't have to wonder if they're hearing from when it's most important.

  • You have rebranded or pivoted your brand, now you need your email marketing upleveled to match.


What You Get

  • Voice of Customer data, based on 5-7 client or customer interviews

  • A clear, customer-driven email marketing strategy to personalize your reader’s journey

  • Co-developed copywriting and professional copyediting

  • A well-functioning ESP to deliver your sequences and optimize the use of tags, segments, automations and forms


Up to 15 emails


8 weeks



Allea moved my email marketing over to a more robust platform. In order to take my email marketing more seriously, I needed better subscriber tagging, segmenting and reporting. With her knowledge of email marketing platforms, she gives objective insight and has set me up for growth. Through branding and customization, she even set me up with purple links in the email content :) With her high level of communication and expertise, she is worth every penny and then some!



Please tell me about yourself.

What are your hopes, desires, revenue goals, services, products and mother's maiden name? {Just kidding on that last one -- making sure you're still with me.}

If you would like to learn more about working together, please start by completing the Client Fit Form linked below, so I know all the juicy details about where you’re at & where you want to go.

Once I receive that, we’ll hop on a call and see if my services meet your needs.